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How to Buy Used Machines on Machine Dalal

When using Machine Dalal to buy your machine, the whole process breaks down into a few simple steps:

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When using Machine Dalal to buy your machine, the whole process breaks down into a few simple steps: 

Here is how you can buy used listed machines -  

  • Select ‘Used Machines’ and choose the machine you want to buy.



  • On this page you can see the technical data of the machine. If it meets your requirement, then tap on ‘Contact Seller’. 

  • You can either send an email to the seller or contact him on his given mobile number, as per your convenience. 

  • Moreover, you can also send a direct message to the seller through our in-built messaging system. For that tap on ‘Send Message’. 


We have partnered with financial institutions that specialize in machine and equipment financing. To avail financing, you can click on 'avail financing' and a perfect solution is offered by the lending institutions. However, equipment credit facility is only available for buyers in India.  


  • Logistics facility 

In addition, we have partnered with logistics professionals who specialize in machine and equipment transportation. It involves reliable packaging, loading for transportation, and insurance against damage in transit throughout their entire journey.  

Contact us to know more. Or download the Machine Dalal app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

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