Machine Dalal : The Reboot

We’re back, not with a bang, but with an improved version
PHOTO CREDITS: Photo by Carlos Irineu da Costa on Unsplash

Hola, folks. It's been a while. Nice to see you again. The makers of the Machine Dalal website were out there revamping it for you to have a better user experience. For you, dear customers, are our greatest asset. And we vicariously feel happy when you are satisfied. So... that's what took all this time.

And boy, have we got a great response! The number of buyers and sellers of print and graphic machinery have significantly increased over time: we now have a whopping figure of 5,000+ members of the print and graphic machinery community using the website for buying or selling such machinery.

The best part? Not only have we got more users, we have achieved a consistently high customer retention rate. And we only see ourselves soaring higher from hereon.

In case you don't already know, Machine Dalal is one of the world's finest platforms to exchange information regarding graphic, print and industrial machinery. We are an integrated marketplace for buyers, sellers, dealers, and manufacturers to buy, sell, advertise, market and promote their equipment worldwide. If you want to buy and sell new or used machinery and equipment... it could be sheetfed, web, converting, digital, or lamination. It could belong to any category: press, pre-press, or post press. Machine Dalal is the ideal marketplace for you. You could find us online on our website or download our app from itunes or Google Play respectively.

Once you download, simply add information about your machines and equipment.

Also, be assured that the machine information will go through our internal checks and only then, will be made available for you to view.

We engage small, medium and major manufacturers from around the world to advertise on our platform. When advertising new machinery, we make sure that you may get genuine enquiries and keep updating the data so that it may become easy for you to add machines and equipment.

Now, as we are providing a common platform to the whole industry, all of you stand to benefit from the information that is made available through the marketplace.

So, now that we're back, welcome aboard, amigos. We missed you.