Terms & Conditions

Machine Dalal is owned, managed, and maintained by HASHBROWN SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED, in all its forms – the website, and the respective mobile applications.

Terms & Conditions

By using Machine Dalal in any of those forms, you shall be abiding by the following terms and conditions, last updated on February 23rd, 2022.

Machine Dalal is marketplace that enables users to exchange information about print and graphic machinery and other related activities. So, if you are not buying, selling, advertising and not indulged in print and graphic industry in any what way, we are not sure what you might be doing here, but we hope you have a pleasant stay, and may your experience at Machine Dalal be fruitful.

Machine Dalal Liability Clause

Terms & Conditions Image Machine Dalal is a marketplace for various industry individuals and organizations to share information about print and graphic industry. Machine Dalal does not produce, edit, or disseminate data but simply enables users to share machine information with each other.
Machine Dalal is not responsible for any subsequent loss of any kind that might occur during trade of machines in any form. We have taken considerable pain in ensuring that the information is provided is factually correct, but it is the mandate of the buyer to ensure the veracity of the machine before trading.
In the case of new machines advertisements, the manufacturer is responsible for the claims, and it is responsibility of the interested buyers to verify those claims.


For the paid listing, buyer may request a refund within twenty-four hours, and the total amount shall be refunded. For mobile application, whatever the rules and policies of Google and Apple are. There are no refunds twenty-four after the listing goes live.
For advertisements, there are no refunds. Advertisements are planned in advance, and manufacturers have ample time to change their decision.

Legal Disputes & Arbitration

All legal disputes, if any, we hope not, but just in case that happens, are subjected to the courts of New Delhi, India.


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