Privacy Policy

Machine Dalal is owned and operated by HASHBROWN SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED. We are a responsible incorporated company that is very serious about personal data and privacy.

Privacy Policy

Personal Data

We would like to categorically state that we do not store, share or distribute personal information of users, buyers, sellers, dealers or companies. All personal data is stored in a secure encrypted environment and is not accessible unless a buyer ‘requests’ it from within Machine Dalal’s website or mobile application.
Only registered users can view, and contact sellers to further enquire about the machines, which exactly is the point of this marketplace.

Cookies and IP

We neither employ cookies, nor save or store IP addresses or operating system data, or user’s browsing pattern. We do not indulge in any such practice. We do not believe that we can artificially curate user choices based upon a user’s device, location, name, email or any personal information.
We believe that by building better search methods employing carefully sieved information and keeping the information consistent with the industry standard, the user would have better experience in finding the right piece of equipment.

General Risks of Internet

While we have taken considerable precautions, and created a system of checks and balances to ensure that personal abuse is not possible on Machine Dalal. The nature of internet and people is such that it becomes practically impossible to ensure anything.
However, Machine Dalal has taken some steps towards it and our biggest saving grace is that from initiation we have given preference to quality over quantity, and have created an environment that caters specifically to the industry. That coupled with security features that we have incorporated and data encryption that we are working on, we are able to provide a robust, secure environment for you to operate in.

Data Removal and Personal Rights

You, as a user, can always request discontinuation of service, removal of personal data, machines, anything and everything that you have uploaded to our system. We would ensure that we follow through we any such request after confirming with the user. The data and information belongs to you, and it stays that way.
Machine Dalal is merely a conduit for information exchange between printers, publishers, buyers, sellers, dealers, manufacturers and everyone associated with print and graphic industry.

Welcome to Machine Dalal – the best place over the world wide web to buy, sell and advertise print, graphic and related machinery.

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