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Leading the world of Print, Packaging and Converting.

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Building a better search, improving connectivity, driving engagement.

The Print, Packaging and Converting industry is an almost Trillion$ industry. It is a high supply industry with fragmented market. Machine Dalal is rapidly evolving into a natural monopoly that intermediates with everyone involved in the trade and trade facilitation process. It also ensures that everyone is in profitable position adopting the platform.

Values and the Journey

Intelligence, honest and scientific rigor. The Machine Dalal team stands on the shoulders of giants. We have successfully adopted modern programming and development processes and have designed a platform that works. Once you interact with us, you would have a better understanding of how our different approach to problem solving help us build this remarkable product.

With Machine Dalal our focus has been on sustainable growth. We had started to build a strong sales process to augment that.

Serendipitously, Machine Dalal is growing, and the industry is adopting it faster than we had hoped for, so in words of Forest Gump, "that's good, one less thing."

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We are close to 1% weekly growth rate with global user base with a user base of 50,000+, the android app has over 10,000+ installs and the iPhone app has had over 3000 installations. We have onboarded 4 financial partners and one insurance broker. If you are looking for rapid growth company, we are it.

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The Investment Opportunity

We are a team of builders, and we have product market fit. We are post revenue and growing rapidly. We are looking for capital and business expertise to help us build a transformative company. Here is Machine Dalal's investor's pitch.


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