Impremia IS29

Quality, reliability and stability guaranteed

The Impremia IS29 is a 29'' sheetfed inkjet digital printing system which meets a wide range of printing needs and provides printers with advanced capabilities through functions that perfectly demonstrate the convenience and responsiveness of digital printing.

It provides suitability with a wide range of printing stocks and sheet thicknesses, including ordinary offset printing paper, instant curing, one-pass double-sided printing and immediate finishing as well as the ability to accommodate short runs of many different printed products with tight turnaround times.

With stable high-print quality verging on offset, thanks to its superior tone reproduction and register accuracy, the Impremia IS29 succeeds in not only commercial but also package printing. Easy operation enabling diverse job changes along with unheard-of productivity and efficiency make possible on-demand printing.


  • High print quality with the feeling of volume that is associated with offset printing

  • Able to print with ordinary offset printing paper (no need for any precoating or certified paper)

  • Excellent sheet size for imposition and sheet thickness range suitable for packaging

  • Single-sided/double-sided printing with fully automatic changeover

  • Instant curing and the ability to start finishing immediately due to UV ink.

  • Colour matching with offset printing.

Number of colours



UV Ink

Printing speeds


3,000 (single-sided) / 1,500 (double-sided)

Max. sheet size



Max. printing area


575×735 (single-sided) / 575×730 (double-sided)

Sheet thickness


0.06~0.6 (single-sided) / 0.06~0.45 (double-sided)




* Performance and numbers may differ from specification herein.

Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

* Maximum printing speed varies according to printing conditions.