Komori-Redefining Printing Since 1923

The company inspires customer sensitivity at its core

Komori Corporation, a company that was founded in 1923, manufactures web offset presses, security printing presses, sheet-fed offset presses, package printing presses and printing related equipment.

It is one of the last privately-owned press producers. Komori uses Toyota-based manufacturing principles. Each web press is shown to its customer at the factory in full production. With a close inner circle of developers active in installations and global field service, Komori has, over the years, used Windows-based systems for press console functions. The mix of their own developments with third-party products requires little or no integration process at the installation site—a true ‘plug and play' design. Their main manufacturing plant is located in Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Management Philosophy

To be a company that inspires customer Kando (sensitivity) by attaining three goals:

  • Enhance Komori brand image

  • Carry out through perceptional quality control

  • Implement solution business

Komori aims to inspire customer Kando through the bold pursuit of quality - in the print world and the global community.

Their mission

Ever since the company was founded, the Komori Group has sought to contribute to society and culture by manufacturing printing presses. Their ideal of being a company that inspires customer Kando is the philosophy that will illuminate the course ahead; listening carefully to the views of customers; endeavouring to provide the finest services by viewing print from the user's perspective; and offering products and technologies that are the best solutions.