POLAR was founded in 1906 as "Adolf Mohr, Maschinenfabrik". Since then, the company has undergone a transformation, not only in terms of the products it focuses on. It has grown from a regional provider to the largest global supplier for high-speed cutters and associated peripheral equipment for the graphics industry. The POLAR Group employs around 500 people worldwide at sites in Hofheim and Shanghai, and offers its employees diverse roles and good career development opportunities in administration and production.

POLAR develops efficient solutions for the post-print sector and is a future - oriented technology company with a global presence.The product range includes components and systems that link up and automate all processes, from loading, jogging, cutting and die - cutting through to unloading and banding.

They have been producing cutting machines that are perfect for Print - on - Demand markets and under the MOHR brand since 2012.MOHR is a brand of Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG since 2012.For the sector cutting on demand the brand MOHR offers a new dimension of cutters for nearline - solutions!

Another member of the POLAR Mohr group is Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH, a business producing components and systems for the automatic packaging of goods, primarily in the food industry.The product range also includes top - load and end - of - line machines.

Polar Group is specialized in the design of innovative and future - oriented solutions in the post - press and packaging technology sectors.


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