How to Connect Directly with Sellers on Machine Dalal 


We will guide you through the whole process of connecting with sellers on Machine Dalal. 

  • Choose machine according to your requirement on home page. 



  • On this page you can see the location of the machine as well as its technical data. If it meets your requirement, then tap on ‘Contact Seller’. 



  • You will get either both email and mobile number or only one of them depending upon the seller’s choice.  



  • You can contact the seller from our in-built messaging as well. For that tap on ‘Send Message’. 




  • All the conversations taking place between you and the seller using our in-built messaging can be accessed from ‘Conversation’ on main menu. 



Connect to the seller directly either with the provided contact details or our in-built messaging system, as per your convenience. However, we would like to let you know that we don’t do cross selling and after contacting the seller, it’s between you and the seller to work out the deal.