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Machine Dalal is world’s best marketplace for print, graphic and industrial machinery. We work with seasoned industry experts to make sure that the data and information is correct, consistent and concurrent.

The platform is available on world wide web as a website, and as mobile application on both the major mobile platforms. Machine Dalal is total platform that makes communication between different parties easy, efficient and transparent.

You can leverage our reach and technology to reach thousands of new customers all over the world, and without the noise that accompanies generic classifieds. We are an industry specific endeavor and have put years of study behind this venture to ensure that information provided it vetted by industry experts and is consistent with the make and model, and the buyers receives factually correct machine data.

Machine Dala is an ideal platform to advertise for manufacturers, dealers and print industry professionals who are looking to buy or sell equipment. We have our own algorithm (patent filed for) that ensures fair and equal distribution of the advertisement that is served to the user from all sources.


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